Matching paint colors...easy as pie or rocket science?

Wall paint that has become old and faded can make your home seem weathered. This is particularly true . . .

Wall paint that has become old and faded can make your home seem weathered. This is particularly true if some of the wall paint has started to peel or chip. Painting the entire room is often costly and time-consuming. The quick fix is to paint over the weathered or chipped areas but matching paint colors can be an ordeal.

However, have you ever tried to paint over a section on a wall using paint that seemed like the right shade ... paint that you selected by "eyeballing" the color of your wall? Not only does this result in a paint mismatch, but it leaves you with a patchwork wall.

We have all been there. You start a paint project with the idea of making the walls look clean and fresh, only to leave them looking as if a kindergartener painted them.

Matching paint colors is not rocket science. However, it does require that you take certain measures to make sure that you are spending money on the right shade of paint. Not only will this prevent your walls from looking patchy, but it will save your pocketbook as well.

Take a paint chip from your wall into a home improvement or paint store and match the chip to the correct paint. If you feel confident that you can select the right paint color this way, make sure to match the color of the paint chip to the paint color smudge on the top of the can in the store. Paint suppliers wipe a dab of the paint from the can onto the lid, allowing it to dry. This way, you can see what the dried paint looks like, enabling you to match it to your paint chip correctly.

If the idea of choosing the right paint color from the hundreds that are available at the store makes you want to faint, you can always hire a professional to paint the room for you! Check out our painters guide for more info on "green" paint options, why to hire a painting contractor, how much you can expect to pay for painting your home's interior ... and more.

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