Mini dental implants: Everything you want to know and more

A smile that you are comfortable with can speak a thousand words. An innovative new...

A smile that you are comfortable with can speak a thousand words. An innovative new procedure that is similar to dental implants, but at fraction of the cost, is available for those looking for a new smile. They are called mini dental implants (MDI).

What are MDIs?

MDIs are used to semi-permanently secure dentures in place, and can also fill in an empty space where a smaller tooth is missing by using an artificial tooth.

How does this work?

Your localAtlanta dentist will schedule a consultation to take x-rays and measurements of your dentures or the tooth that needs replacing. During your next appointment, the dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the area and gently place the screw into your jaw bone. The entire process, including post denture placement, should take about two hours. That's very quick compared to how long regular dental implants take.

How are mini dental implants different?

  • MDI screws are considerably smaller, around 2mm or less in size, compared to regular implant screws, which are 5mm wide.
  • The placement of the screws is far less invasive, and can be done in a dental office. They hurt less than conventional implants, which often takes months to heal.
  • They tend to heal faster because of their size, and they do not intrude into the jawbone as regular implants tend to.
  • The screws are used to hold and secure dentures, and to replace smaller teeth such as incisors, whereas dental implants are used to replace larger teeth such as molars.
  • MDIs are made from titanium, just like regular implants. Because they are thinner, they cost considerably less than regular dental implants. MDIs will cost between $2500 and $5000.
  • MDIs are recommended for patients that are considered high risk.

You're an ideal candidate for mini dental implants if:

  • You cannot pay a huge sum of money for replacing teeth, and need an affordable option.
  • You cannot tolerate or are fearful of major surgery.
  • You have a delicate jawbone structure and cannot withstand the pain of regular implants.

As with most elective or cosmetic dental procedures, MDI may not be covered by your insurance company. Be sure to ask your dentist about a payment plan option.

Mini dental implants are a new procedure, but your localAtlanta dentist will be more than happy to discuss the procedure and your options. Your smile is worth it!

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