Need hardwood flooring & hardwood floors? Shop smart, Atlanta, January has the lowest prices of the year!

Is your home in desperate need of a flooring makeover? Are the holidays intensifying your urge to remodel?...

Is your home in desperate need of a flooring makeover? Are the holidays intensifying your urge to remodel? If you're thinking about installing new hardwood flooring & hardwood floors, you should wait out the holidays. January is the best time of the year for Atlanta residents to update flooring. Due to a decrease in demand after the holidays, January has some outstanding flooring deals, meaning lower prices for you. To get prepared, do your research on your flooring needs and be ready when the sales hit.

Hardwood floor types

There are two kinds of hardwood flooring & hardwood floors; both come in various finishes, grades, thicknesses and patterns. The individual pieces come in different width strips, planks and square shaped pieces. The two types are described below:

Solid wood: This is the more expensive option as the solid wood construction is more costly. As such, it has a longer lifetime because it can be refinished and repaired if damaged. This type of flooring comes in both finished and unfinished pieces, allowing for a greater variety of finish options. Depending on the species of wood used, some flooring is harder and/or more durable. Solid wood floors are normally nailed down to the subfloor.

Engineered wood: This kind of flooring is designed in layers, with only the top veneer layer being made of solid wood. The rest of the layers are made of pressed wood. These floors are predominantly pre-finished, limiting the options. Damaged engineered wood is not the best candidate for repair since it only has thin layers of solid wood; most often, the pieces must be replaced. Engineered wood flooring can be glued, nailed or installed as floating floor systems. Consequently, these floors are more forgiving when it comes to uneven subfloors.

Shopping for flooring

Living in Atlanta, there are many places to shop for flooring. You can shop at the major chain home improvement stores, the flooring outlets, or even find some local specialty shops for more unique offerings. There are so many options to choose from to suit any taste. When deciding what kind of flooring to choose, you should have some questions ready to ask your flooring contractor. Some considerations are as follows:

  • Budget: A budget can limit options; for example, engineered wood may be a more economically feasible for someone with a lower budget.
  • Species of wood: Wood comes in different hardness levels and some wood such as maple, for instance, cannot be stained.
  • Traffic: Certain species of wood are more suitable for high-traffic areas, and some colors are more traffic-friendly.
  • Colors and patterns: Different colors and patterns can make spaces feel more rustic, traditional or contemporary. So, choices should be made to fit the home's overall look.
  • Maintenance: Some types of flooring require more maintenance and upkeep than others.
  • Longevity: Flooring has different lengths of usable life based on its quality, grade, type of flooring and thickness.
  • Installation factors: Cost of installation depends on the method of installation and the existing condition of the subfloor.

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