New kitchen colors: When disaster forces you to start over

You weren't planning on picking out new kitchen colors anytime soon, but then the worst happened. Whether...

You weren't planning on picking out new kitchen colors anytime soon, but then the worst happened. Whether water damage or an out-of-control cooking fire has forced you to rethink your favorite room, don't fear! Sometimes a mishap can be a blessing in disguise. After all, weren't you getting a little sick of those blah grey kitchen walls you settled on years ago?

First things first

Once you've dealt with the repairs needed to take care of any damage, it's time to contact painting contractors. Make sure you get a few estimates before you commit. It's also a good idea to ask painters for references from other satisfied customers. Be sure to ask how much paint you will need and how much time the job will take. Can you use your kitchen during the job?

Colors, colors, colors

There are so many choices when it comes to kitchen colors. It would be easy to drive yourself crazy trying to decide between "burnt sienna" and "copper ridge." The first step is to narrow down your choices to a color family. So if you want to go with a purple hue, toss out all those swatches of grays, blues and creams. Then ask for the opinions of friends and family. Or, just pick one! Try to keep in mind that barring any other major disasters, this is a color you have to live with for a long time to come.

Other deciding factors

Think about the feelings you want your kitchen to conjure up, not just now but year-round. A bright, sunny color may be your best choice. Ultimately, go with a color you won't get sick of soon.

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