Outdoor lighting services to make your backyard shine

You've spent time and money on your landscaping, so why not enjoy it during both the day and the night?...

You've spent time and money on your landscaping, so why not enjoy it during both the day and the night? With just a few strategically placed bulbs and fixtures, outdoor lighting services can transform your Atlanta yard into a true oasis that you can enjoy all night long.

Whether you want to highlight trees or offer more visibility around your driveway or front stairs, exterior lights complement your house and boost security and safety. So what are some common ways that Atlanta-area homeowners use outdoor lighting?

Working with a lighting specialist, you can install the following:

  • Path lights: Ideal for homes with dark driveways or steep steps, path lights illuminate your walkway and provide greater visibility to your front door.
  • Up lights: These upward-pointing lights typically illuminate trees or columns and highlight prominent architectural details of your home and yard. As the name implies, these lights point toward the sky and give little to no illumination on the ground.
  • Down lights: Installed high up on a tree or near the eaves of a building, down lights provide the most natural effect and include spotlights and pillar lights. They also act as a better security feature as they can be positioned to illuminate your front door, back door, pool or garage.
  • Wash lights: These large fixtures project light on big sections of your home or yard, and are ideal for homes with pools, decks or driveways that need to be fully illuminated at night.

Although these are the most common types of outdoor lights, keep in mind that a landscape lighting professional can recommend the best type of fixture for your house. Consider what features of your home and lawn you want to accentuate, and then call a lighting designer to discuss how outdoor lighting services can improve the appearance of your property.

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