Playground Made Easy: Creative and Easy Ways to Bring Fun Into Your Backyard

Building a playground for your kids can seem like a daunting task. Will it be expensive?...

Building a playground for your kids can seem like a daunting task. Will it be expensive? Will it be difficult? Don't worry; you can provide your little ones with a fantastic play structure without breaking the bank, or your back!

Easy Options

The first step when planning a playground for your kids is to take a field trip to your local hardware store or play structure company. You can price different structures, ask questions and decide on which safe play options you want for your children. If you already know which options you want maybe your kids have their hearts set on a fort and a twisty slide make a list that you can take with you so that you can identify the elements you want and how much they will cost.

As you shop, try to avoid falling in love with the more complex structures that will require a lot of skilled labor to complete. Instead, look for a play structure with parts that come partially constructed for easy assembly. Ask an associate at the store what tools and supplies will be needed for construction.

Consider the type of material you would like to use, as well. Determining what your playground is made of ahead of time will help you figure out how much time and effort you'll need to build the playground of your children's dreams.

  • Wooden play structures: These structures may require more skill to construct, but they look beautiful once they are finished. When you look for a wooden structure, make sure that it uses thick, sturdy boards and high-quality fasteners so that it will be stable and will last a long time. Keep in mind that wooden play structures do require more upkeep over the years, such as staining and weather sealing to prevent the wood from warping.
  • Metal play structures: These structures often come with parts that are pre-assembled and are easier to put together. Metal play structures might not be as attractive as wood, but they are often much less expensive. It is important to inspect metal playground equipment regularly for rust. Look out for sharp edges and don't place a metal set in direct sunlight, to avoid hot metal pieces.
  • Plastic play structures: These structures are highly weather resistant and easy to assemble. They can range from really cheap to very expensive, depending on how ornate the structure is. Plastic structures can sometimes look unsightly in your yard, but children often love their rounded, cartoon look.
  • Additional options: You can also create a wonderful play space without a large structure. For example, you can install a large sandbox for your kids, along with other play areas that require minimal building experience, like a gardening area.

Still Need Help?

Let's face it, not everyone feels confident putting together a structure by themselves. If this sounds like you, consult with a local Atlanta landscaper about hiring out contractors to create the perfect backyard paradise for your little ones.

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