Preparing to install kitchen appliances

Are you moving into a new home or finally tackling a full kitchen remodel? Congrats! Before you install...

Are you moving into a new home or finally tackling a full kitchen remodel? Congrats! Before you install kitchen appliances, prepare the area as if you were moving. Your flooring, doorways and lighting fixtures will appreciate it.

Protect your flooring

New appliances are heavy and often have rough corners. Don't let them gouge your kitchen flooring. Prepare by placing a layer of flattened cardboard boxes over the floor. Tape them into place with duct tape and you're set. Now the muddiest two-wheeler or heaviest appliance won't leave its mark. If you need to move through other rooms in the home to get to the kitchen, create a walkway with carpet scraps, an inexpensive carpet runner or more cardboard boxes.

Break out the tape measure

Measure the height and width of each new appliance. Will they clear the entry door closest to the kitchen and not bump into low-hanging light fixtures on the way? Don't be surprised if you need to remove hinged doors before you install kitchen appliances. Add a few inches to the measurements of each item to allow for bulky protective wrapping and extra height when placed on a two-wheeler.

Remove old appliances

Not all retailers offer removal of your old appliances. When scheduling the delivery of your new kitchen appliances, ask if removal is included. If not, have a bunch of strong friends come over for pizza and a little heavy lifting. Just don't forget the first step: Turn off all gas lines, if applicable. If you're not physically up for the challenge of removing the old appliances, consider hiring professional movers to make the kitchen remodel easier. These trained professionals know how to lift heavy appliances and maneuver them without damaging your walls or flooring.

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