Quick ways to update your kitchen design

There are many ways to redo the look and feel of your kitchen design without too much effort. These...

There are many ways to redo the look and feel of your kitchen design without too much effort. These simple fixes can really make it appear as though you spent more time and money than you actually did.


One of the easiest ways to redo the way your cabinets look and even the feel of your kitchen is to change the hardware on your cabinetry. Add some lights under the counter and perhaps some new stain, and your kitchen has instantly been transformed.

Kitchen faucets

Outdated faucets can ruin a good kitchen design, putting it well into the past instead of giving it a nice modern appeal. Replacing your faucets isn't just for cosmetic reasons either; by getting one of the new low-flow faucets you can also save money by saving water.

Paint or coverings

By painting, adding a textured wall or wall papering, you are updating your kitchen with a frugal sense. Add accents, put on a border or just do one textured dramatic accent wall. Any of these will add flair and fashion without depleting the bank account.

Add an island

We all need more space, and adding a kitchen island is a great way to get some. A portable island can even be moved so it is never in the way. Get one with handy storage, or find one that holds your utensils, and it will double the area you have. Whether they're stone or wood, kitchen islands are a lovely way to add style to a kitchen and help change up a look.

Atlanta-area remodelers can give you even more budget-friendly ideas on how to totally redo your kitchen without much time, effort or cash. They have all the answers you'll need to make the best decision for your situation.

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