Remodeling for resale: Mistakes you don't want to make

When you attempt to sell your home, you may not have enough interest or even get the best price if your...

When you attempt to sell your home, you may not have enough interest or even get the best price if your house appears disheveled, weathered or aged. By remodeling for resale, you can market your home as updated, and potential buyers will see that the home looks fresh and newer.

Do you think you have to spend a fortune in order to remodel it? No way! You can make your home look updated without spending a lot of money by addressing the main areas of the home that people like to see the most. You can do this by changing the carpeting, refinishing any stained or worn hardwood floors, painting the walls, painting the exterior of the home and repairing any broken windows and door frames. These small changes make even an older home look fresh and new. Plus, you do not need to hire a remodeler in order to update your home with these small changes. Instead, you can hire a professional painter in Atlanta to repaint your home or a Georgia-based flooring specialist to replace carpeting or refinish hardwood floors.

If you have a little extra pocket money to put into fixing up your home, consider updating key areas of the home, which can increase its value significantly. This includes replacing countertops, replacing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, removing walls to create larger rooms and updating plumbing. For these more involved projects for remodeling for resale, hire a professional remodeler in Atlanta to transform your shabby home into one that looks more current.

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