Remodeling on a budget: Top five winter home improvement projects

During winter it's easy to think there aren't many remodeling projects to undertake. This is because...

During winter it's easy to think there aren't many remodeling projects to undertake. This is because people usually associate home improvement with outside renovations, such as adding a sun room, patio or new roof. It's convenient to take care of these large projects during the sunny months. But as cold weather sets in, it's the perfect time to renovate the inside of your home.

Kitchen remodeling

Even if you're just putting in new cabinets or appliances, there's something about changing the design of your kitchen that helps make it cozier. From eating breakfast to relaxing in the evening, the kitchen is a great gathering place for families, so make it special.

Bathroom renovation

Winter blahs can extend through the year if you have a drab, tired old bathroom. You don't need to rip out walls to change things up. A coat of quick drying paint, new blinds, or even putting a new tub/shower over the old one can spice things up.

Solar heating

Solar heating isn't a well-known project, yet it can be a simple, low cost way to lower your heating bills. Building a passive solar collector outside of a south-facing window is a quick project. There are many tutorials online that can help you complete this useful project.

Winterizing your house

This may not be thought of as a home improvement project, but winterizing your house adds value to it. But don't just add plastic sheets over windows. Check for drafts and fill any holes you find with expanding foam. Use a good silicone caulk to seal all edges around the frames of windows and doors. A bit of winter work and you'll lower your energy bills.

Mulching before the snow

If there's no snow on the ground, you can still mulch. Add a deep layer of mulch around trees and shrubs. Pour compost material over flower beds. The compost will rot under snow or in rain during the winter months and leave the soil full of nutrients for spring planting.

Atlanta area remodelers can get you all the information you'll need on winter home projects. Why wait for summer?

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