Remodeling with fiberglass columns

If you are looking for an inexpensive and virtually maintenance-free way to dress up the exterior of...

If you are looking for an inexpensive and virtually maintenance-free way to dress up the exterior of your home or add elegance to an interior entryway, fiberglass columns are a great option when remodeling. Unlike wood, fiberglass will not rot or decay, and is weather and insect proof. Many manufacturers will even offer lifetime warranties to give you an added piece of mind.

Open concept floor plans are what all buyers are looking for in today's real estate market. Older homes tend to have a more boxy room layout that can feel restricting and block natural sunlight. This has started a remodeling trend in recent years of tearing down the old sheetrock and giving old spaces a modern flair. As an experienced renovator will tell you, however, the problem with making a change like that to a home's schematics is that certain walls cannot be torn down if they are load barring. That is when structural fiberglass columns really present a terrific value-- especially when it comes to resale.

Columns are typically either round, fluted or square and can feature a number of different tapered or decorative detailings. They do really well with interior or exterior paint, so you can customize them to match your current color palette, or even use them for a contrasting pop to your existing home dcor.

Visit an Atlanta-area home center to shop around for different options and pricing for fiberglass columns. Once you have a plan, get a bid from several of these local remodeling contractors.

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