Secrets for an estimate for painting that won't break the bank

Fresh paint can brighten up any home, whether you paint the inside or the outside of the house. However,...

Fresh paint can brighten up any home, whether you paint the inside or the outside of the house. However, painting a home can become expensive if you go about it the wrong way. Get an estimate for painting your home from an Atlanta-based professional painter to keep costs low and to make sure you have a properly painted home.

Don't make the mistake of trying to paint your own home if you do not have experience applying paint, especially to the exterior of a house. It can become extremely dangerous to climb up on to high ladders in order to paint a house correctly, and if you have a medical condition or have not been up on ladders very often, the danger only increases. Leave this work to professional painters in Georgia who understand how to paint safely and who have experience and training climbing high ladders.

When painting the interior of a home, ask for an estimate for painting multiple rooms, instead of just one room. Many times, professional painters offer a discount for more than one area of the home, making the project more economical.

Not all painters price their projects the same. When you get an estimate for painting your home, ask if the estimation includes primer coats, sealants or repair work, and find out if the price covers any touch-up work or damage that can occur after the work is completed. Some companies offer a limited-time guarantee, which enables you to have areas worked on if you feel unsatisfied with the quality of the work.

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