Shabby chic makeover: Grandma's antiques are vogue again!

Do you swoon over the dainty tea sets and chandeliers in your grandmother's home? Bring a taste of this...

Do you swoon over the dainty tea sets and chandeliers in your grandmother's home? Bring a taste of this old style into your Atlanta home with a modern shabby chic design. This trend in home decorating focuses on all the cute, frilly things your grandmother adored without the expense of buying out the nearest antique store. Here's how to recreate the endearing style.

1. Color scheme
The most recognizable part of a shabby chic home is the light, bright color scheme. Three colors dominate the look: pastel pink, pale green and cream. The dominant color is an antique, tea-stained cream color. This should be the base color for furnishings such as curtains, sofas and carpets. Then choose pretty accents such as throw pillows, place mats and rugs in pink and green.

2. Flowers everywhere
Shabby chic accessories focus on flowers and lace. From vases of pastel pink flowers sitting on doilies to flower-patterned bedding and sofas, the key is making the space look soft and ultra feminine. Choose fabrics embellished with muted roses and fluffy peonies for a gorgeous addition to your home makeover.

3. The accessories
When choosing knickknacks, focus on faux or real antiques. Wire metal bird cages filled with flowers, decorative antique books, pitcher and bowl sets, teddy bears and stacks of antique hat boxes are perfect to display in your shabby chic home.

4. New lighting
Now illuminate your decor with antique lighting. Wall-mounted sconces add a warm glow to specific areas of a room. Or install a clear crystal chandelier to reflect more light around the space. And don't forget the table lamps, complete with oversized fabric-covered shades. Or, why not add a skylight to increase your home's natural lighting?

5. Quaint seating
Finally, finish the look by adding special seating to the room. A wrought iron bistro table and chairs painted in an antique cream color adds old world charm to a kitchen or the corner of a large bedroom. Or make a more permanent addition to your home. An Atlanta contractor can help you install a cozy window seat or create a built-in bench seat in your kitchen. Once built, accessorize with floral-patterned pillows and that's it!

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