Stop exterior wood rot to save your Atlanta home!

Did you know that wood rot can cause a house to deteriorate and fall apart from the inside out? How...

Did you know that wood rot can cause a house to deteriorate and fall apart from the inside out? How do you know if your house has exterior wood rot? If it does have rot, can you save your house before it decays completely? Hire a professional home inspector in the Atlanta area to examine your home thoroughly and evaluate whether you can successfully treat the wood rot affecting your home's exterior.

Wood rot occurs in houses for many reasons, including excess moisture resting against the house or a termite infestation that causes porous wood to absorb too much moisture. Moisture can become particularly damaging in the South, with very high heat and humidity. The cause of the exterior wood rot can determine the proper treatment. Some wood rot treatments may require extensive and invasive repairs. Check with a few home restoration specialists in Georgia to find out their prices and how long certain wood rot repairs might take.

If you suspect that your home may have some exterior wood rot, get an inspection and evaluation as soon as possible. Having a home inspection done regularly by a professional can help ensure that your home remains insect-free, moisture-free and safe to live in. Ignoring a moisture or termite problem in your home will only lead to more severe damage, which could potentially cause your home to become too dangerous to live in. Remember that having your home inspected and repaired quickly will save you money, and it may even save your house!

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