Symptoms of the flu versus cold symptoms

Many times we will get sick and wonder if it's just a cold or something more serious, like the flu....

Many times we will get sick and wonder if it's just a cold or something more serious, like the flu. While there are many common symptoms that they share, the flu and common cold also have some very real differences. Here is how to tell if you have cold symptoms or symptoms of the flu.

Fatigue and exhaustion: While you'll only feel mild fatigue and zero exhaustion with a cold, the flu results in two to three weeks of fatigue and early exhaustion that can be extreme.

Fever: It is rare to have a fever when having the cold; however, the flu comes with a high fever that will last between three and four days. Fever with the flu can be approximately 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sneezing, sore throat and nasal congestion: You will probably have sneezing, a sore throat and a stuffy nose with a cold; however, with the flu it isn't as common. These are symptoms that won't definitively tell you if you have the flu or a cold.

Headache: Headaches are not a typical symptom of the cold, but they are very real for those with the flu. It can be a bad headache as well.

Aches and pains: Generally, there is only a little pain with a cold, but there are often severe aches and pains with the flu.

Chest pressure and coughing: There can be both pressure and coughing with a cold, but it is more severe in flu cases.

If you are having symptoms of the flu or are still unsure which you have, Atlanta-area physicians are able to aid you on your road to recovery. Don't suffer longer than you should by wondering; see a local area doctor today.

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