Tips for keeping bird baths lively and popular this summer!

When you buy a bird bath, you expect to see your yard full of happy, joyful song birds chirping in gratitude,...

When you buy a bird bath, you expect to see your yard full of happy, joyful song birds chirping in gratitude, right? What do you do if your bird bath looks like a ghost town? Luckily, you can encourage birds to flock to bird baths by organizing your yard in a certain way and placing your bird bath in a specific place.

The first step in creating a space that birds will want to come to is to keep your bird bath clean and free of any bacteria and fungus that would cause the water to become dirty and inhospitable. Clean your bird baths using biodegradable detergent or non-chlorine bleach at least once a year, preferably before the hot summer season starts. Make sure you rinse out the detergent and bleach very thoroughly before refilling the bird bath with water. If you are unsure how to clean your bird bath, contact a professional landscaper in the Atlanta area to help you keep it clean and healthy.

Place the bird bath in a shady area that is not in direct sunlight. During the summer, direct sunlight will make the water too hot, which could deter the birds from splashing in the water.

Place a bird feeder near the bird bath full of the seeds that are best for small song birds. Ask an Atlanta-based garden specialist which seeds are right for the birds in your area. The bird feeder will entice birds to come into your yard to eat ... and perhaps to partake in a cool dip in the bird bath!

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