Top 6 ways to keep mosquitoes from biting

If you're tired of covering your arms and legs with chemical-filled mosquito repellents,...

If you're tired of covering your arms and legs with chemical-filled mosquito repellents, you're not alone. This summer, ward off those pesky mosquitoes with natural deterrents. Let's fight nature with nature!

  1. Burn citronella-scented candles. From oil lamps to candles, late-night illuminators made with citronella oil should be part of your outdoor evening plans. The grass-based oil is a natural mosquito deterrent that won't harm animals or humans.

  2. Apply lemon eucalyptus oil. This robust-scented oil is safe to put directly on your skin to ward off bothersome insects. Be careful. Oils can stain clothing, so keep it on skin only, or apply it to a bandanna worn around the neck to keep bugs away. The key is applying the oil every half hour for best results.

  3. Dress for success. If you're spending the evening on your Atlanta deck to soak in the sunset, leave the frills inside. Perfume, scented hair styling products and aftershave can attract mosquitoes. Also, slip on a light-weight cotton long-sleeved shirt and pair of pants to protect your arms and legs from bites.

  4. Try some garlic. Whether you eat it, apply it or have it near you mosquitoes don't like garlic. So, enjoy a spicy pizza and let the seasoning naturally come through your pores to keep the bugs away. If you'll be outdoors long, it's safe to rub a fresh cut clove on your skin. But it will also keep others away! When inviting friends out for a cookout, simply place bowls of fresh chopped garlic around the perimeter of the patio. (Note: Garlic is not safe for pets. Do not try this if you have four-legged family members that can access the outdoor area.)

  5. Create smoke. Mosquitoes are not fond of smoke. Plan to have a summer bonfire or light a few tiki torches. Sit a few feet downwind from the fire to stay in the bug-free zone. However, if the smoke is heavy or makes it hard to breathe, move away from the area.

  6. Turn on a fan. Fast air movement makes it tough for mosquitoes to fly, so they stay away. As a bonus, the cool breeze will be a welcome addition to time spent outdoors during warm Atlanta summers.

Do mosquito bites cause more than itching and mild skin irritation for you? It's time to see a doctor in Atlanta to learn how to calm the welts and prevent future mosquito bites.

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