Types of bathroom cabinets for your bathroom remodel

You've gathered dozens of paint samples, picked out new curtains and splurged on that spa tub you've...

You've gathered dozens of paint samples, picked out new curtains and splurged on that spa tub you've always admired. Now, what type of bathroom cabinets will you add to your bathroom remodel? Here are three options to discuss with your home remodeling team.

1. Over the toilet cabinets

Maximize space in a small bathroom with a cabinet that tucks behind your toilet tank. Whether it mounts to the wall or you choose a free-standing style that straddles the toilet tank, the wall space above the toilet won't go to waste. To make the room look even larger, choose a cabinet with glass-front or mirrored doors.

2. Medicine cabinets

If you're remodeling the wall surface, it's a good time to consider a recessed medicine cabinet. These cabinets tuck between wall studs and are usually mounted above the bathroom sink or vanity. Choose a mirror-front, solid wood or glass-front cabinet. Add some real southern charm to the bathroom by choosing a mirror-front medicine cabinet decorated like an antique wide-framed mirror.

3. Wall cabinets

When space isn't an issue, add freestanding or mounted wall cabinets; think of your kitchen cabinetry, only smaller and more decorative. These are truly pieces of furniture with ornate fixtures, hand-carved feet and an air of elegance. Wall cabinets can also be custom fit atop a vanity, built around the exterior of a shower stall or even mounted near a sunken bathtub.

Ready to get the remodel going? Give an Atlanta-based remodeling company a call today to discuss your bathroom cabinetry options.

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