Use the right drain trap to avoid plumbing pitfalls!

When hair and gunk builds up in your plumbing, it promotes clogging and ends up creating a nasty mess...

When hair and gunk builds up in your plumbing, it promotes clogging and ends up creating a nasty mess inside the pipes. Yuck! This happens more often when you neglect to use a drain trap, which collects hair and other materials that fall down the drain before they get sucked down into the pipes. But how do you know which trap is best for your shower or tub? It could depend on your house style or type.

For older, classic homes, you can make your trap match your home by choosing an antique or retro version that features an old-fashioned or eclectic design pattern on top. This small accessory can really set your bathroom apart. Old-fashioned or retro drain traps are found at specialty plumbing supply stores or can be purchased from a Georgia-based interior designer.

For more contemporary homes, you can choose to use traps found in a variety of designs and finishes. Find these more common traps at any home improvement or hardware store in the Atlanta area. You can even find traps to match the rest of your bathroom features, such as draw knobs or pulls. This helps you create a balanced and uniform look throughout your home.

You only need a few tools to put in the trap, such as a screwdriver. If you're handy with a screwdriver, go ahead and install the trap yourself to save money! If not, don't try to figure it out on your own. Hire a professional in Atlanta to install the trap to avoid making mistakes or damaging the trap by accident.

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