Warning: Chalkboard paint and fresh colors can unleash creativity!

Imagine writing an important message right on the wall or encouraging your children to draw all over...

Imagine writing an important message right on the wall or encouraging your children to draw all over the door with no worry of damaging your home's value. Chalkboard paint makes it possible to do both of these things and more! This paint lets you convert almost any surface into a chalkboard, including metal, wood, plaster, glass and drywall. Bring out the best in a room by combining a painted chalkboard section with walls colored in the latest interior paint trends.

Interior paint trends

Pretty, peaceful colors are a popular trend in interior paint for 2013. These soft, modern colors are inspired by nature and blend into the background, creating a pleasant environment. No matter what your favorite color is, you can find one of these fresh paint colors to suit your taste in muted shades of:

  • emerald green
  • light blue
  • milky turquoise
  • soft orange
  • pale pink
  • dusky gray
  • buttery yellow
  • tender violet
  • powdery brown
  • contrasting dusty black and white

Matching interior paint to painted chalkboards

Chalkboard paint typically comes in two colors: green and black. While you can always choose your favorite color matches, as a general rule you can use seasonal tones as a guide to match up your interior paint to your chalkboard. Cool and neutral tones, such as blue, violet, gray and black, look best with black chalkboards. Warmer tones, such as turquoise, yellow and orange, look best with green chalkboards.

What to discuss with your painter

When you're ready to hire a professional painter in Atlanta, check ratings and reviews on individual contractors. Then, when you meet with your chosen painter, discuss details such as costs, colors and procedures for avoiding paint fumes until the fresh paint dries completely. For example, will one coat of paint cover the old paint and look good, or will dual coats and dual labor costs be required to make your room look great?

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