Washing machine drain hoses...a little leak could cost a fortune!

Does your washing machine leak water? Have you noticed that your water bill seems a bit too high? You...

Does your washing machine leak water? Have you noticed that your water bill seems a bit too high? You could have leaks in your washing machine drain hoses, possibly causing a spike in your bill.

If you have a leak, you may not know where to look for the leak or how to fix it. Don't worry! Simply hire a professional plumber in the Atlanta area to inspect your washing machine for leaks along the hoses. A plumber can find any leaks that exist and patch them using compound and specialty tape designed for washing machines and other plumbing.

If the leaks in your washing machine drain hoses are too severe, a Georgia-based plumber may opt to replace the hoses completely. Although replacing leaking drain hoses may seem costly, professional plumbers know how to do this simple procedure efficiently and inexpensively, keeping your costs as low as possible.

Make sure to avoid trying to replace leaking drain hoses yourself, unless you have a lot of experience in plumbing. You could cause more damage, leading to a more costly bill when you inevitably have to call a professional.

With your drain hoses properly repaired or replaced, you can once again wash your clothing without stepping through a pool of water or paying for a large water bill!

Tip: Have your washing machine hoses checked periodically by a professional plumber to make sure they do not have any leaks. This will allow you to catch the leaks right when they start, instead of after they become huge.

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