Wedding hairstyles you will fall in love with!

Take the stress out of choosing your wedding hairstyle with these tips. Boho-chic A...

Take the stress out of choosing your wedding hairstyle with these tips.


A ballet bun with voluminous roots is a perfect messy-hair look with just the right amount of class. Other bohemian trends such as loose braids and soft curls can also complement the free-spirited bride. Most boho hairstyles look best on long hair. The most critical addition is a beautiful headpiece: An embellished tiara orclip works best, and be sure to avoid veils with this style.

Classic updos

The updo will forever be a wedding staple. Essentially the opposite of boho hair, classic styles are tighter and more polished. Twists look great on all hair types and colors, which is why they are so popular. Choose a hairstylist with a reputation for perfection, because every error shows on sleek updos. This type of style looks best with traditional gowns.

Working with short hair

Short hair may be less versatile, but it can look just as beautiful as long hair on a blushing bride. The current trend for hair above the shoulders is soft curls. Simply make sure the hair is shiny and healthy-looking, and a simple wave is all you'll need. Set the hair with plenty of hairspray and add a beautifully embellished tiara, wrap or clip to finish off the look. Be sure to factor the weather in with this hairstyle, you will not want to step out with this look on a windy day.

Knots and low buns

Depending on your hair length, you can choose either a knot or low bun to add a casual touch to your wedding style. This hair trend is great for women with fine locks. Be sure to ask for a little boost of volume at the roots and part your hair on the opposite of your normal side. A hairpiece is essential to make this style wedding-worthy. Knots and low buns look great with nontraditional dresses such as shorter styles and illusion necklines.

Headband and waves

If you are looking for wedding hairstyles that are a bit more outside the box, look no further. Trya natural look that is simple, beautiful but still aisle-worthy. Soft curls, otherwise known as beach waves, are a great way to start. Add a classy yet understated headwrap. It is best if you find one in the same color and style as your dress, but don't feel locked into that. This hairstyle is best matched with an alternative dress and is most appropriate for spring and summer weddings.

Once you've decided upon your vision, take the time to find the right stylistwho specializes in wedding hairstyles. Set an appointment for a trial run so there are no surprises on your big day. From boho to classic, choose the 'do that looks best with your personal wedding style.

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