Which carpet cleaning method is best for your home?

Not all carpet cleaning methods are the same, and you can end up wasting a lot of money...

Not all carpet cleaning methods are the same, and you can end up wasting a lot of money or damaging your carpet by choosing the wrong one. Educate yourself ahead of time before investing in a professional carpet cleaner, or you might just make your carpets look, smell and feel worse than ever.

Carpet shampooing

When you have your carpets "shampooed," a professional will apply a foam cleaning solution over your carpeting that will dissolve dirt and staining with minimal to no water. The foam is allowed to dry, then vacuumed up using an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction. Although you do not need to saturate your carpets in order to clean them, this method can often lead to easy re-soiling because the foaming cleaner is never rinsed out.

Dry cleaning

When you hire professionals to dry clean your carpets, a specialized machine will cover the floor with a cleansing powder, which is ground into the carpeting with heavy-duty brushes. After treatment, the powder is vacuumed away. This method may not effectively clean heavily stained or dirty flooring, and can leave behind residue if not vacuumed thoroughly.

Bonnet cleaning

Many businesses use a bonnet cleaning method to clean their carpets, which can clean large areas of carpeting that receive heavy traffic. The bonnet cleaner uses hot water, solvents and circular brushes to scrub carpets, and a strong suction to remove the moisture. Due to the intense scrubbing action, this cleaning method may lead to premature wear on your carpets.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning can give your carpets the deepest clean with minimal wear. Very hot steam is used; either water or a combination of water and a cleaning solution. The steam is applied to your carpeting using an industrial-grade steam cleaning machine, then removed using a very strong suction. Very little moisture will remain, protecting your carpets from over-saturation, mildew or water damage.

If you feel uncertain about which carpet cleaning method is right for your home or business, talk to a professional carpet cleaner in the Atlanta area. A pro can evaluate your carpets and will give you an estimate for making them fresh and clean again.

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