Whole-house fan energy benefits

A whole-house fan are a big energy saver in hot weather climates like Atlanta. A house fan operates...

A whole-house fan are a big energy saver in hot weather climates like Atlanta. A house fan operates by pushing the hot air in your home out, while bringing cooler outside air in early in the morning and late at night. With the cooler air lowering your home's temperature before your air conditioning comes on for the heat of the day, you'll see significant energy savings.

The air conditioner won't have to work as hard to cool your home, thereby reducing run time and lowering your energy bill. Some energy companies even offer rebates for customers who install whole-house fans in their home.

A whole-house fan operates on a simple principle of positive and negative pressure differentials in the attic and home, respectively. The fan creates pressure and pulls hot air into the attic space and out through gables or soffits of a home, pulling cool air in through open windows.

The fans are often confused with attic fans, which only remove some of the heat from your attic space.

Ceiling mounted fans mount on the ceiling between the living space and attic, while ducted fans mount anywhere throughout the home and exhausts heat from multiple locations. Operation of the ducted fans is quieter than the ceiling mounted version.

If you choose to install a house fan, you'll want to select a fan with enough power to cool your home. To do so, calculate the square footage of your home's living space (not including garage or unfinished basement space) and multiply by three. That is the amount of cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) your fan needs to move. You can divide that number by 750 to decide the amount of attic ventilation you need.

For installation or more information on whole house fans, contact an Atlanta licensed HVAC professional.

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