Generating curb appeal

Ways to get buyers to look at your home.
Amping up your home's curb appeal starts with a short walk across the street. Turn and look back at your house. What draws your eye?

Finding what it takes to entice a buyer inside may be as simple as a small purchase or as complex as a major renovation. Ask a local real estate agent or an interior designer for more ideas like these that may help cast your seller's spell:

Front Door/Entryway
Accenting a focal point of your home's front can range from a touch of color to a complete remodel. Keep in mind that any changes should augment rather than dominate the scene.

  • Display a potted plant

  • Add or upgrade light fixtures for a touch of elegance

  • Upgrade hardware with a door handle or knocker for a style accent

  • Paint trim, molding or door to freshen any residence

  • Try a new look by upgrading trim and door

  • Add railing or archway

  • Consider a stone veneer to convey a sturdy, powerful presence

Be wary of planting flowers around base or running plants up the post or pole since it might attract bees.

  • Accent with paint

  • Replace house numbers

  • Replace box

Keep in mind that some believe the journey matters more than the destintion.

  • Pressure wash

  • Fix cracks and chips

  • Add accents with a border of brick, stone or pebbles

  • Repave

An ill-kept yard can turn away suitors quickly. Don't force them to use their imagination. Let a landscape designer help create a welcoming view.

  • Mow and weed

  • Plant a garden

  • Create walkways

  • Add or remove plants or trees with attention to where it directs the eye

  • Add arbors and fence panels

If a potential buyer sees more potential than you do in your house, they may ask for a discount for the fixes they forsee.

  • Pressure wash siding

  • Paint trim

  • Add shutters or accent trim

  • Insert window boxes

  • Replace gutters and downspouts

  • Replace roof

Don't overlook how your home looks at night. Do the lights you burn in the evenings cast a favorable glow or a harsh view of your residence? You never know when a potential buyer may drive past. Give them a reason to stop.

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