How do I choose a bedroom closet organization system?

Too much stuff? You're not alone in needing to know how to organize your closet.
You've probably heard the expression that the amount of "stuff" expands to fill the available space.

This is a rough derivation of Parkinson's Law, originally describing how bureaucracies grow over time: "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion." Never was this truer than in the case of a bedroom closet.

For most people, however, the growth does not stop once the space has been filled — it continues unabated until the closet can no longer contain your precious belongings. At that point, the contents begin to infiltrate your bedroom. It starts innocently enough, a few shoe boxes stacked on the floor, shirts hung on door handles, and pants draped across a chair. Before long, you have created an obstacle course in your bedroom, and finding what you want to wear becomes more frustrating and time consuming.

If that scenario sounds familiar, it is time to figure out how to make better use of your closet space. There are several options available, ranging from a weekend do-it-yourself project to hiring a professional closet storage company.

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The steps below will help you decide on the best option for you.


Chances are, you don't wear all of the items crammed into your closet. If you are like most people, you aren't even sure what treasures are buried amongst the rubble. The first step in organizing your closet is to sort through the contents and donate what you don't want to keep. Once you have pared down your belongings, you will have a better sense of what type of organization system you will need.


Identifying what you own is an important first step in determining which closet organization system is best for you. The components of a closet system — hanging rods, shelving, drawers, etc., will vary based on the amount and types of clothes, shoes, and accessories that need to be accommodated. For instance, if you own 100 pairs of shoes your closet system requirements will likely be different than the closet of someone who owns 57 golf shirts.


How much money are you willing to spend? Answering this basic question will help you sort through your options.

Skill Level/Timing

Do you relish the idea of rolling up your sleeves to crank out home improvement projects or do you panic at the thought of hanging pictures? If you have decent handyman skills, you can probably manage the installation of one of the many modular/DIY systems available for purchase at home improvement and other retail stores. For those with questionable skills, some retailers offer installation services for a fee. If you have more advanced skills, you may even decide to design your own system.

A word of caution: be realistic about your skill level as well as the amount of time you have to devote to the project. If you are lacking in either, contact a professional closet organization company. To find a company near you.

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