How do I choose a fence?

Finding the right fence installation or repair service.
Fences invoke a sense of security, privacy and aesthetic qualities that will add value to your property.

When you're looking for a fence installation or repair company, you first will need to know what kinds of fence installation and repair services are available. See these profiles of qualified fencing contractors in your area. Then ask yourself some key questions about the fence you might want.

What purpose your fence will serve?

Will it contain a dog? Provide a decorative edging to a garden? Are you willing to maintain a wooden fence, or is metal a better option? Will the fence obstruct your neighbor's view? How close can the fence be to the property line? What is your budget? Take a look around your neighborhood and find a fence style that fits.

Your fence's height and appearance may have to comply with neighborhood codes. Check with your city housing code enforcement department before installing or replacing fencing.

What services will a fencing contractor provide?

Contractors will cut and set the fence posts, attach rails and pickets, cut decorative arches and install gates. If you're on a tight budget, ask the contractor if he'll install the posts, then allow you to install the rails and boards yourself. Some contractors will provide financing.

How do I check for quality and fairness?

Remember to check a company's record at the Better Business Bureau.

Always ask for an estimate before you allow work to begin. Sometimes, you can request a quote directly from a contractor's website, where you also may be able to see photographs of the contractor's work.

Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured and ask for references. In the end, go with a contractor that offers a written warranty on fences and repairs.

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