How do I choose a kid's closet system?

Get help deciding how to organize your child's closet so they can keep their bedroom neat and tidy.
Kids are messy. Some messes are inevitable — the science experiment gone awry or the juice spilled on the floor. Other messes, such a cluttered bedrooms and closets, are manageable.

This article will help you decide how to organize your child's closet so they can keep their bedroom neat and tidy. As for the botched science experiment — you're on your own.

What will be in the closet?

The first step to organizing your little darling's closet is to determine what it needs to accommodate. If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated playroom or play area in the house, your child's bedroom closet may be solely dedicated to clothes and shoes. If, however, you are like most people, your kid's bedroom will probably be strewn with all manner of toys and games. In this case, the closet may need to pull double duty for clothes and toys.

Design for flexibility

Kids grow up fast, and as their clothes get bigger and their storage needs evolve, your organization system should be able to grow with your child. The ability to adjust the placement of clothing rods is important — young children will need low hanging rods and shelves so that they can easily access items that are worn frequently. As they get older and taller, the lower bars can be raised or removed. Another component that can serve multiple purposes is open cubes. Clear or labeled boxes or bins used in cubes can hold toys when they are young, and those same cubes can store piles of jeans or handbags as they get older.

What are my options?

There are many types of closet organization options available — ranging from inexpensive fabric closet accessories to custom built systems. The systems, or kits, that can be purchased at home improvement or other retail stores are generally designed with flexibility in mind. Shelves can be adjusted and cubes or drawers can be added or replaced. Options include organizers that hang from the clothing rod, wall mounted, floor mounted, or free-standing. The systems are available in a variety of materials, including fabric, plastic, wire, particleboard, and solid wood.

Another option is to hire a professional closet company, which will come to your home and design a custom system to meet all of your needs.

Long-term investment vs. short-term solution

When deciding which closet organization system is best for your family, keep in mind how long you anticipate living in your home. If you are planning to move within a couple of years you may want to consider one of the less expensive options. Alternatively, if you plan to stay in your home until your children are grown, investing in a professional closet system may be a good investment.

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