How do I choose a personal organizer?

Learn what to ask when hiring a personal organizer.
Personal organizers are not just for the habitually disorganized.

Hiring a personal organizer can help you with custom filing or closet systems and also make a significant difference for those with:
  • Too many tasks and not enough time

  • Disabilities

  • Special circumstances like starting a home business, taking in aging parents, and selling a home.
Before hiring a personal organizer, ask these questions:
  • What is your specialty?
    Space planning and design? Home, project or time management? Organization skills training? Other? Finding out more about the various services different personal organizers offer might help you identify your needs more specifically, and zero in on the service pro who can help you most.

  • Are you affiliated with NAPO?
    NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers. Those who belong to NAPO have access to continued training and abide by a code of ethics.

  • What is your background?
    How long have you been a personal organizer? Make sure you feel comfortable that the personal organizer you choose is credible and has appropriate experience with the skill set you need.

  • How do you charge?
    By the hour? The project? Is an initial meeting free, or do you subtract the fee for that meeting from the project cost? Initial meetings are particularly important because you will have a close relationship with the personal organizer, and chemistry counts.

  • What is your process for proceeding with an assignment?
    A clearly defined process, with progress checkpoints along the way, helps you and the personal organizer meet expectations and avoid communication conflicts.

  • What kind of follow-up support do you offer?
    If the personal organizer is going to be helping you with a systems change, then long-term success depends on your ability to incorporate it realistically into your everyday life.

  • May I have the names and contact info for three of your recent clients?
    Take the time to check references and pay attention to concerns or comments that might help you make the choice that’s best for you.
  Take a look at what these personal organizers offer, and get ready to take back your life.

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