How much do interior shutters cost?

Dress up those windows with the exciting addition of interior shutters. Learn how much interior shutters will cost with our helpful guide.
Interior shutters are much different than your ordinary blinds and shades.

Interior shutters add flavor to your windows, block out light, promote privacy, and act as insulators for the window. The shutters are made of a variety of materials from wood to PVC, and act just as a metal or wooden blind would.

When choosing interior shutters for your home, you should take into consideration your home's interior design, the functionality of the shutter you are choosing, and the size of the window where they will be installed.

Typical Costs for Interior Shutters

  • Low-End Estimate: $17 per set

  • High-End Estimate: $800 per set

    Prices for interior shutters will vary based on their overall quality.

Additional Costs for Interior Shutters (Professional Services)

  • Installing Interior Shutters

    Low-End Estimate: $100 per window

    High-End Estimate: $200 per window

    Interior shutter installation costs are usually quoted on a flat rate without the need to inspect your project site.

    Cost ranges account for variations in contractor skill, geographic location, and seasonal contractor wage rates.

    Consider choosing a discontinued odd lot from your retailer to cut down on your overall cost.

  • Installing Non-Standard Interior Shutters

    Low-End Estimate: $135 per window

    High-End Estimate: $225 per window

    Complex installation shapes and layouts of interior shutters will increase the overall material and installation costs.

  • Installing Soft Fabric / Hard Valances

    Low-End Estimate: $200 per window

    High-End Estimate: $450 per window

    Though not required for interior shutter installation, some companies will offer additional services for decor like soft fabric and/or hard valances.

    Fabric for any soft window-top treatments is often very expensive due to the customization involved for a specific window.

    A variation on soft-fabric valances is the cornice top treatment. Cornices are assembled pieces of wood, metal, or foam, which are custom-shaped and then typically covered with fabric.

What to Expect from Professionals

  • Most companies can give you an accurate estimate over the phone based on the number of windows you have and the size of those windows.

  • Once they arrive, the professionals will measure the windows again and prepare the interior shutters.

  • The professionals will install the hanging strips, and then align the shutters in the window opening.

  • The professionals will hang the shutters on the strips, and then install the catch magnet.

  • If you choose to buy any additional window treatments, the professionals will finish the job by installing them.

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