How much does a self-storage unit cost?

Got stuff? Learn how much a self-storage unit rental will cost you to store it with our handy pricing guide.
Everyone accumulates extra belongings over the years, and sometimes space in a home is limited to store them all. Self-storage rental units are great options to consider when you have too much stuff and too little room at home. When you look for self-storage units, you'll need to consider how much space you'll need, how long you'll need to rent the unit, and what amenities are important to you.

Typical Costs for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

  • Low-End Estimate: About $20/month (for a 3'x3' indoor space storage unit, for example)

  • High-End Estimate: About $250/month (for a 10'x20' climate-controlled storage unit, for example)
    • You can rent a mobile storage unit for approximately $200/month if that's what you need.

Potential Extra Costs for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

  • Security Deposit
    • Low-End Estimate: $30
    • High-End Estimate: $50

  • Padlocks
    • Low-End Estimate: $16
    • High-End Estimate: $20

  • Administration Fees
    • Low-End Estimate: $10
    • High-End Estimate: $20

  • Insurance Protection Plans
    • Low-End Estimate: $9
    • High-End Estimate: $20

  • Late Payment Charges
    • Low-End Estimate: $10
    • High-End Estimate: $25

What to Request from Self-Storage Rental Facilities

  • The self-storage facility has put in place adequate security measures.

  • You can access your self-storage unit at any time of the day.

  • The units in the self-storage facility are the right size for you and will accommodate any future needs you might have to increase or decrease the space you rent.

  • The self-storage facility offers enclosed units with concealing walls for storing valuable items.

  • The climate control in the self-storage facility is adequate for your needs.

  • Make sure the storage units are tidy and well-maintained.

  • Find out what types of measures they take regarding pest control in the units.

Where to Find More Information on Self Storage Unit Rentals

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