How much does it cost to hire a handyman?

Learn best practices and pricing for hiring a handyman.

Typical Cost for Hiring a Handyman

  • Independent handyman: Pricing for a self-employed or independent handyman typically ranges from $20 to $75 per hour.

  • Professional handyman company: The typical cost for hiring a handyman via a professional company is $50-$125 per hour.

Low-End Estimate for Hiring a Handyman

For independent handyman services: About $20-$75 per hour.

High-End Estimate for Hiring a Handyman

For a professional handyman company: About $50-$150 per hour.

What to Expect

  • Materials: When you hire a handyman, you can expect the representative to bring the majority of tools and components required for the job. However, there may be other specific items that need to be purchased to complete the job, and either the handyman or the homeowner can purchase them.

  • Timing: The timing required for a handyman project can range based upon the complexity of the job. Many smaller jobs can be handled in less than a few hours, and larger projects can take multiple days.

  • Mess: The volume of mess for handyman projects also depends upon the specifics for the work that is done.

Any Extras?

  • Some handyman services require a "trip" charge, which is added on top of hourly fees. This charge can range from $30 to $120.

  • Many handyman services also require a minimum charge, which is based upon a specific number of hours allocated for the work or a set price point.

  • It's important to discuss the pricing structure and estimated volume of work prior to beginning work with a handyman in order to gauge expectations for total cost and time required.

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