How much does it cost to install copper pipes?

Planning to replace your old pipes with new, copper pipes? Find out how much it will cost with our pricing guide.
Copper pipes have become the standard for most new home construction - replacing galvanized steel pipes.

Reliability, corrosion resistance, and no mineral build-up over time are the main reasons for using copper pipes.

Typical Cost of Replacing Old Pipes with New Copper Pipes:

  • This could run anywhere from under $100 to more than $10,000

Low-End Cost Estimate:

  • If you simply need to replace a leaking pipe under a sink, this could conceivably cost less than $100-$200, especially if you can do the job yourself.

High-End Cost Estimate:

  • A complete tear-out and repipe using copper pipes could easily cost more than $10,000 or more in a moderate-sized home. However, the cost of a repipe may be significantly less than the cumulative costs of leaks, water damage and higher water bills.

What to Expect:

  • It may be possible to save some money on the job by doing it yourself if you have the know-how and tools. Copper pipe is generally available from plumbing supply houses for an average of $5 per foot, and other parts can also be easily obtained.

  • Copper pipe is not recommended for areas with highly acidic water (6.5 pH or less) as corrosion risks are markedly greater.

  • Copper pipes laid underground may need to be wrapped in a protective layer to prevent corrosion caused by contact with certain elements that may be present in the soil under your home.

  • Copper pipes used for waste are at risk of corrosion issues caused by ammonia reacting with the copper.

Any Extras?

  • If it is necessary to tear out old pipes running through walls, this may incur an additional cost to replace drywall and repaint the walls once the new pipes have been installed.

  • If you're replacing galvanized pipe in a house that was built before 1975, an asbestos inspection may be required before any work begins.

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