How much does it cost to refinish a bathtub?

Learn about costs and processes associated with refinishing a bathtub.
Refinishing your bathtub can provide an inexpensive and fast option for updating the appearance of your bathtub. The refinishing process, also known as reglazing, involves the application of a coating mixture over the pre-existing bathtub surface.

Typical Bathtub Refinishing Costs

  • Professional Bathtub Refinishing: The average cost range for professional bathtub refinishing is $40 - $50 for materials and 200-$275 for labor for one tub. These ratesw can vary, depending on where you live and project complexity.

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Low-End Estimate for Bathtub Refinishing

For do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits: About $60-$120.

High-End Estimate for Bathtub Refinishing

For professional bathtub refinishing: About $240-$325.

What to Expect from the Bathtub Refinishing Process

  • Materials: The materials needed for bathtub refinishing include a cleaning solution, surface prep substance, sandpaper, caulk, and multiple glaze or paint components.

  • Timing: Bathtub refinishing typically takes from 4 to 6 hours. Additional drying time may be required before the tub can be used.

  • Mess: Before applying the glaze to the tub, it?s important to thoroughly clean the area and remove any caulk, coatings, and soap scum. There is minimal mess involved in the actual refinishing process.

What Else You Should Know About Bathtub Refinishing

  • Some of the chemicals used in the bathtub refinishing process have a strong odor. Be sure to use fans in the area during the refinishing process to ensure proper ventilation.

  • During the painting process, small bubbles will typically appear on the tub surface, but they will disappear once drying begins.

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