How much should I expect to pay for window cleaning?

Think cleaning windows is a real pane? Leave it to the professionals. Learn how much window cleaning services cost.
Keeping your windows cleaned is essential to giving the exterior of your home a vibrant look, and it allows you to admire the world outside from the interior of your home without having to squint through fingerprints and grime.

Regular cleaning also prevents calcium and other mineral deposits from forming on the glass and window frames. Screens and window sills get dirty as well, and many professional window cleaning services offer solutions for getting them cleaned. If you plan to sell your home, experts suggest that washing windows is the pre-sale improvement with the best return on investment as measured by higher selling price.

Typical Costs for Window Cleaning Professional Services

  • Low-End Estimate: $2 per window pane

  • High-End Estimate: $7 per window pane

    The cost should include cleaning the windows inside and outside as well as cleaning the track and sills.

    The style/shape of a window can affect the overall cost. offers a guide for the various types of windows that professionals will clean.

    Contact your neighbors to see if they'd like window cleaning services from the same company. Bulk work often results in as much as a 20% discount from the company.

Additional Costs for Window Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning Screens

    Low-End Estimate: $2 per screen

    High-End Estimate: $5 per screen

    Some companies will not clean broken or torn screens.

  • Cleaning Windows on 2nd/3rd/4th Floors

    Low-End Estimate: $3 per window pane

    High-End Estimate: $5 per window pane

    You can save some money if you simply clean the 1st floor windows only yourself and leave the higher windows for the professionals.

  • Cleaning Sliding Glass Doors / Other Doors with Windows

    Low-End Estimate: $4 per door

    High-End Estimate: $9 per door

  • Cleaning Storm Windows

    Low-End Estimate: $10 per window pane

    High-End Estimate: $20 per window pane

  • Removing Mineral Deposits

    Low-End Estimate: $10 per window pane

    High-End Estimate: $20 per window pane

  • Removing Paint/Stains

    Low-End Estimate: $4 per window pane

    High-End Estimate: $6 per window pane

What to Expect from Window Cleaning Services

  • Before contacting the professionals, you should relay all facts about the windows in your home to get an accurate quote�for example, how many windows you have; if there are storm windows and security grates; if there are multiple panes in each window; how many windows open in, slide up and down, and tip out; if ladder access is required for some or all of the windows; and so on.

  • Once you've scheduled an appointment with the professionals, make sure you remove any obstructions in front of the windows (especially if you have storm windows and the sashes need to be adjusted from the inside). Draw back the curtains and window treatments.

  • The professionals will clean the storm windows (if applicable) and the interior surfaces of each window.�Most professionals will be courteous enough to remove their shoes while inside your home.

  • The professionals will unlatch the screens in preparation for window access from the outside, cleaning the screens if you've paid for that service.

  • The professionals will sweep out and clean the sills from the outside, and then wash the exterior surfaces of all windows.

  • The professionals will replace the screens, and then detail each window to verify no spots were left on them.

  • The professionals will reassemble the storm windows (if applicable) and verify that everything from the drapes to the furniture is back in its original place.

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