How much should it cost to install a skylight?

Brighten up your interior by installing skylights in your home.
Skylight windows are great options if you want to add warmth and value to your home. They allow you to maximize natural sunlight in darker areas of your home as well as heat it up during the daytime.

If you have the budget to accommodate them, you can install vented skylights to save on cooling costs and help with ventilation. One of the green benefits of skylights is that you’re saving on electricity usage, which translates into big energy and cost savings over the course of a year. Standard skylight installations vary within each home, so be sure to ask your skylight installation professional about everything needed for your home. Some of the factors that go into estimating skylight installations include the following:
  • Type of skylight

  • Type of roof pitch

  • Rafter spacing

  • The shape and size of the room’s ceiling

  • Additional installations of skylight shades and openers

Typical Costs for Installing Skylights

  • Low-End Estimate: $550

  • High-End Estimate: $5,500

    These prices include the cost of materials and labor.

    There are three main types of skylights on the market -- tubular, fixed, or ventilating (in order of cheapest to most expensive when installed).

    The biggest issue with installing skylights is eliminating the possibility of water leaks. Make sure your installer has some form of guarantee on the skylights if they leak after the work is finished.

    Try to select a skylight that is compatible with the room’s overall character, but keep in mind how it will affect your home’s exterior as well. Take advantage of the different skylight shapes available.

    The average skylight installation should not take longer than two days.

    If you’re concerned about extended light exposure fading your carpet and furniture, ask about skylight options that block out the majority of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Additional Costs Related to Skylights

  • Skylight Shades

    Low-End Estimate: $200 each

    High-End Estimate: $400 each

    Skylight shades can be manual or electric, and they can be installed during or after the skylight installation.

What to Expect from Roofers

Roofers will:
  • Determine the most adequate location to open your ceiling from inside the room where the skylight will be installed.

  • Cut the roof opening by removing ceiling wiring, sheetrock, insulation, and so on.

  • Remove shingles to expose the roof deck.

  • Determine if any rafters need to be cut and support them as needed.

  • Set the roof opening according to the skylight manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Install headers between the rafters.

  • Install and flash the skylight.

  • Cut ceiling openings from each corner of the skylight.

  • Build and finish the light shaft by framing at wall studs.

  • Insulate the light shaft as needed.

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