How should I prepare for my remodel to begin?

Before your home renovations start, it's a good idea to get everyone involved on the same page.
So, your home, your life, and your family are about to be disrupted for a long while-completely voluntarily, of course. But before the construction crew arrives, you might be asking for advice on how to be best prepared. Well, aside from taking a deep breath and crossing your fingers, the one thing that needs to happen for sure is a pre-construction meeting.

Everyone should already be aware of who's involved and when the project is starting, and now's the time to get everyone on the same page. The key people to include in this meeting are you and your spouse, the superintendent or general contractor in charge, and the project originator (whether it's the company or salesperson). Here is a list of talking points, or rules, that can be included in the discussion. Feel free to modify these topics to suit your needs.

Construction Schedules

Set the boundaries for realistic workdays that you and your family can tolerate for a long period of time. What time can work begin and when should it end? Is work on the weekends acceptable or possibly just on certain weekends? What about any upcoming holidays? Be willing to keep this flexible to accommodate the most people's schedules involved. Just know that clearing this up will definitely keep schedule surprises to a minimum.

Who's Who?

Of course, the crew is going to know who you are, and you'll be fully aware of who's in charge. But what if you had a specific plumbing question or request? What if you wanted to change something midway through a particular project? What if there was an after-hours emergency? You need to make a list of who the key people on the crew are and keep that close by at all times.

Keeping in Touch

Projects that are more involved and last a longer period of time require a lot more checking in. During the pre-meeting, it's a good idea to set expectations on when the daily or weekly meetings will be held throughout the project so everyone stays on track and is fully aware of everything that's going on. Another major piece to the puzzle for keeping in touch during the project is exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and anything that makes you accessible to each other. It's also wise to set parameters on what's acceptable for times and reasons to contact each other.

Around the House

You and your family are definitely going to feel the effects of having your home under construction. But the other people you need to consider are your neighbors. In order to keep your home and the neighborhood running smoothly, there's a broad list of things to think about.

Are there any parking restrictions? Is there a designated area for smoking or eating? What is expected for cleanup each day? Is everyone clear on dumpster location and port-a-potty rules? There's so much to think about and prepare. However, keep in mind that the more you prepare, the better the project will run. And the better the project runs, the less impact it'll have on your life.

An essential part of getting ready for a remodeling project is finding the right people to do the job. You can find general contractors and other remodeling professionals on

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