Make your dream garden a reality

Where do you turn when your front-lawn feng shui is all akimbo?
With any landscape design project, begin by imagining you have all the money and time in the world to overhaul your property into a dream oasis. Then, pick and choose the options most important — and affordable — to you.

  • Make sure you hire a qualified landscape architect

    This should be your first priority. Find qualified landscape architects on Then ask to see examples of their work to ensure they can do the type and style of design and construction you want.

    Look at the websites of landscape companies and ask their landscape architects to send you portfolios of work or provide a reference list. If possible, have a landscape architect give you a personal tour of his or her past projects.

  • Get a consultation and estimate

    Request a site consultation that will include the architect's comprehensive opinions on how to improve the property. These are normally charged by the hour and work best when the architect can visit the property and see it in person.

    Make sure the consultation does not obligate you to work with the architect. You should receive an estimate for all or part of the work (whichever you request) and, most of the time, final costs are negotiable.

    You also can receive an online quote for your project by emailing digital photos of your property and a list of your concerns to a landscaping company.

  • What services do landscape architects provide?

    A good landscape architect will design a master plan for your entire property. If you don't want to purchase the whole package of work, you can pick and choose particular elements to include.

    Grill gardens are currently a popular request, but driveways, pools, parking courts, walkways, walls, terraces and decks also need construction and/or landscaping design.

  • When you decide on a landscape architect, what process can you expect?

    Your landscape architect will design a set of plans and will manage the construction of the project. They may solicit bids from contractors, including irrigation, lighting, brick masonry and pool companies, among others. They should be able to provide you with estimates for each part of the project. This will enable you to choose based on quality and cost.

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