Pet safety tips

Use your head, hands and heart to keep your pet healthy.

Old age is a condition, not an illness or a disease. At seven years, our animals are considered getting older.
  • The best diet is low salt, low calorie, high protein, high fiber, vitamin and mineral fortified. Kidney failure is the No. 1 cause of death for senior cats and the No. 2 cause for senior dogs (No. 1 for dogs is heart failure). Cancer is a greater risk for dogs, but more deadly for cats.

  • DO NOT underestimate any lumps, bumps or ulcers on your pet's body.

  • Have a "pet first-aid kit" available. Include lots of gauze, cloth pads, tape, peroxide & Benadryl.

  • At least once a week massage your pet head to tail. Be sure to include their legs, under their legs, tummy & between the toes (oh, that's nice!).

  • Have an "emergency house plan" for your animals that the whole family knows about and is easy to execute.

  • Letting our dog hang his head out of the window of the car is not a good idea (I know, it's fun, but consider the pebble that cracked the windshield, it could be an eye).
The best way to care for our beloved companions is to use our head (think safety first), our hands (feel and know your pet's body) and our hearts.

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