Ready for company?

Tips for keeping the house clean.

Here's the top five secrets to keep your home company-ready.

  1. Keep dirt out.
    • Put mats at all your doors.
    • Take off shoes when you enter the house.
    • Designate a mud room or space for the removal of sporting equipment or wiping of dog paws.

  2. Bust the clutter.
    • Clutter attracts dust. Minimize knick-knacks.
    • Use baskets or small bins to store magazines, mail or other items.

  3. Get it in shape once a season.

  4. Keep it spiffy in a jiffy.
    Once your home is in good shape, keeping it looking company-ready only takes a few minutes a day.
    • Make everyone in the house help.
    • Set the oven clock for fifteen minutes.
    • Put things away. Mop the kitchen floor. Quick-clean the bathrooms, make the beds, run a quick vacuum, twirl around with a duster, spray the kitchen counters and load the dishwasher.
    • Add another five minutes and you've knocked out your 20-minutes of aerobic activity a day as well.

  5. Let go and live.
    Life's messy. Live it. Love it. Learn to let go a bit. Want your house to be company ready? It probably looks better than you think. Who wouldn't want to walk in on life-in-action? Keep easy-to-serve food handy and just about everyone will overlook the rest.

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