Renting a moving truck

Know what size truck you'll need.

Many people will move once, twice, or even a few more times into to a new home or apartment. And unless you have only a handful of belongings, you'll need to rent a moving truck. Here's a list of locations near you that rent moving trucks.

Ask yourself these questions before you sign the rental agreement:

  • What size moving truck will you need?

    Most companies offer standard truck sizes:
    • 10 feet in depth (perfect for apartments)

    • 14 feet (for homes with one or two bedrooms)

    • 17 feet (for two- and three-bedroom homes) and up.
    Many people overestimate how much truck they'll actually need. Remember — the more empty space there is in a truck, the greater the chances of your belongings shifting and becoming damaged in transit.

    Check with your homeowner's or renter's insurance company to determine whether your furniture and belongings are covered should they suffer any damage during your move. If your items are not covered during transit, consider purchasing additional insurance from the truck rental company to cover your move.

  • Will it be easy to pick up and return the moving truck?

    Ease of pick-up and drop-off is an important consideration in choosing the right rental truck provider. The larger companies are more likely to have a location closer to you, making it more convenient.

    If you're moving a considerable distance, you'll want to make sure you can drop the truck off at a different location than where you picked it up without incurring penalties. Many of the larger companies also will have an after-hours drop so you're not restricted to business hours when returning the vehicle.

  • Did you inspect the moving truck before you leave the rental lot?

    When picking up your truck, you'll want to perform a thorough check, inside and out, before driving it off the lot. Make sure all damages are noted so you're not held responsible for damages caused by previous renters.

  • What's the return policy?

    Be sure to ask about tank fill-up upon return of the truck. Most trailer and moving truck rental companies will ask that you return your rental with a full tank of gas or the same amount that was in its tank when you drove it off the lot.

  • Pack wisely

    Remember that the more durable items go in first. Also, remember to make sure everything is secure so it won't be damaged in transit.

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