What are some common tasks an electrician can help me with?

Learn what common tasks a good electrician can do to improve your living space.
Every home deserves a flawless electrical system. A qualified electrician can assist you in creating and maintaining an ideal living space. Here are a few projects to consider:

Basics - It's good to have a thorough assessment of your home electrical system, especially in older homes. During a review of your system, the electrician should check for:

  • Redundant wiring - Any unused wiring needs to be either capped or terminated.
  • Loose wiring - No wiring should display any signs of worn or frayed connections, or exposed wire.
  • Overloaded circuits - Each circuit load should be properly balanced, not exceeding the limit of how many sockets each circuit can support.
Upgrades - So your home electrical system is running great. Now you can think about some improvements:
  • GFCI outlets - GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. These outlets have a safety that triggers when too much power is sent to them. You can reset the internal breaker with a switch on the front of the outlet.
  • Dimmer switches - A step up from the standard toggle switch, dimmer switches let you adjust light levels as you please.
  • Programmable thermostat - A programmable thermostat will save energy and reduce the cost of your power bill.
  • Solar attic fan - You can replace your electric attic fan with a solar-powered unit. It uses no electricity, and keeps your attic nice and cool.
Additions - A qualified electrician can add more comfort and functionality with options like:
  • Exterior outlets - Some exterior outlets in the right spots will prevent you from running an extension cord from inside your house.
  • Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans provide a gentle breeze in the rooms you spend most of your time in.
  • Motion sensors - Motion sensor lights are great on the porch or driveway, especially when taking out the trash at night.
  • Specialty lighting - Whether installing under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, or track lighting to highlight the art on your wall, specialty lighting really accentuates certain areas of your home.
  • Subpanel - You'll need a subpanel if you'are adding more wiring than the main circuit breaker box supports.
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