What are the most important spring-cleaning tasks and which should I avoid?

Spring cleaning can be a lot of work, but if you know which tasks are best to avoid, you can save time.
If you read the title to this article and are still here, congratulations! Spring cleaning can bring up some of the most negative thoughts you can have about your home. It's tedious, it's dirty, and it takes so much time!

Are you ready for the good news? Many of the "spring"-cleaning tasks you've been doing over the years are as real as the Tooth Fairy. That's right! You could have been completing your spring-cleaning duties earlier all this time-and more effectively too. Take a look at some common spring-cleaning myths that have been spoiled from the inside out.

From the Outside In

A good way to do spring cleaning is to start with outside tasks. That way, you're not tracking the great grungy outdoors into a squeaky-clean house. But what outdoor chores have you been doing wrong?

  • Leaf tossing? Wrong. When cleaning your gutters, you shouldn't simply scoop out the leaves, throw them on the ground, and be done. You should bag them because they don't make great fertilizer since they're mixed with all that gravel from your roof. Plus, you should take more time as you remove the leaves, and look for gutter leaks, check the seams, and flush out the downspouts.

  • Window scrubbing? Uh oh. Did you know that all that scrubbing with cleaner and paper towels or a rag builds up a bunch of static? That's why your windows get dirty so quickly after you've cleaned them. A good squeegee and some cleaning spray will do the trick.

  • Wait for painting? Nah. Why wait? Spring is actually the perfect time to paint because the extreme heat of summer hasn't hit yet. Knowing the right painting techniques and the best paint for your climate will help make all the difference in how long it lasts.

  • Not hiring? Oops. You don't seriously do spring cleaning all on your own because it's not a task for someone else, do you? If you think about it, it's the perfect job to hire a professional for. In spring, schedules can get hectic, which wreaks havoc on spring cleaning, and many jobs take forever to get done or don't get done at all. Hire a pro, and all your spring cleaning is taken care of for you-most often in a day or two.
From the Inside Out

Spring cleaning on the inside of your home is different from your weekly cleaning in just two ways: time and detail. It's still cleaning all the stuff you clean every week, just with more elbow grease put into it. What indoor spring-cleaning falsehoods have you fallen victim to?

  • Bleach cleaning? Oh no! If you try to clean countertops, floors, and fixtures with only bleach, all you're doing is leaving any dirt and grime behind. Use a true disinfectant first, and then kill the remaining bacterial hitchhikers with the bleach.

  • Carpet shampooing? Yikes! Did you know that most do-it-yourself efforts at shampooing your carpets result in the carpet staying too wet for too long, which can cause mold-buildup, odors, and shrinkage. Hiring a professional with the right tools can alleviate any concerns that your carpets are getting cleaned correctly.

  • Wood polishing? Think again! It sounds like a good idea, but many polishing chemicals can cause excess wax buildup and static that leads to more dust. They can also cause your finishes to dull and fade.

  • Grout cleaning? Ouch! You don't have to work so hard. Instead of scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing until your fingers bleed, try soaking the soiled grout with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This breaks up the stains, and allows you to easily rinse or brush them gently away.
You can find cleaning professionals to help you with your spring-cleaning tasks on Kudzu.com today.

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