Green Pest Control Options

Read our environmentally-friendly options for keeping your home free of pests.

For many of us, our first instinct is to get rid of insects as quickly as possible, by any means. Whether this means stockpiling your own weapons of bug destruction or calling in the troops from the local pest control service, it is important to remember that releasing chemicals into the environment has unintended consequences for other insects, animals, plants, pets, and people. Chemical sprays not only kill the intended target but other "good" insects as well - those that pose no risk as well as those that serve a purpose by eliminating other harmful insects.

The need to eliminate unwanted pests while protecting the environment and the health of your family has led to the development of new eco-friendly pesticides that are safer than chemical pesticides and extremely effective.

Integrated Pest Management
The EPA has developed a set of principles to guide pest control. These principles, called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), focus on using natural and preventative measures to control pest populations. Pesticides are used only as a last resort. While originally developed for crop management, these principles have been adopted for use in the home. Many pest control services are now offering eco-friendly solutions, which they often identify as an Integrated Pest Management program. These programs focus on three steps: inspection, identification, and treatment. The goal of these programs is not only eradicating unwanted insects and bugs, but preventing them in the first place. One way to prevent insects and bugs is to pest-proof your home and make it as impermeable as possible. Fill or repair all crack and holes - these are potentials pathways into your home. Standing water and debris around the perimeter of your home are the equivalent of a red carpet welcoming the unwanted flying and crawling guests - roll up the carpet and remove the invitation.

Other common sense preventative measures include storing garbage in sealed containers, disposing of refuse and recycling regularly, making sure gutters and downspouts are free of clogs, storing firewood away from the house, vacuuming frequently, and sealing food containers.

Pest control services now have a growing arsenal of low to non-toxic options for controlling the pest population. While pesticides are still used, they are seen as the option of last resort.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services
While service providers and products in many industries are slapping "Green" onto their advertising, it is important to investigate their claims. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has developed a green certification program for pest management companies. GreenPro certification requires that pest control professionals meet a number of qualifications, including having service technicians, salespeople, and managers complete training, pass a test, and be recertified.

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With today's advancements in eco-friendly pest control products, there is no need to submit your family and pets to the dangers of powerful pesticides just to get rid of a few ants. While pesticides serve a purpose, it is now possible to limit their use while keeping your family healthy and safe.

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