What is the difference between a certified electrician and an electrical contractor?

Now that you're considering hiring a professional, learn the basic difference between a certified electrician and an electrical contractor.
Do you need some electrical work done in your home? If you're thinking of hiring a professional for the job, you might have noticed some variations in the titles used by some of your local electricians. This is due to the different types of city or state licenses that are available. Specific licenses will vary from state to state, but generally speaking - there are two kinds: a certified electrician and an electrical contractor.

Certified Electrician

A certified electrician has fulfilled all the necessary requirements to receive their individual license. These requirements include:

  • Classroom training, with a passing score on the city or state examination.
  • Several years of on-the-job training, under the careful supervision of a working certified electrician.
  • The proper insurance coverage.
From wiring repair to specialty lighting additions, a certified electrician can help you with a vast array of projects. You would typically use them for all small to medium sized jobs.

Electrical Contractor

An electrical contractor license can be acquired by business entities. Contractors are needed for the big jobs, such as rewiring an entire property. They usually employ several certified electricians, and they're required to have a high level of insurance coverage.

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