What should I do about door-to-door contractors?

Reputable contractors won't solicit door-to-door.
Reputable contractors may mail you a "Pardon Our Noise" letter when working in your neighborhood, but they won't solicit door-to-door.
  • If someone comes knocking, be wary.

  • Many door-to-door solicitations occur in disaster zones. Don't let desperation make you a victim.

  • Check out the contractor.

  • Verify business licenses, insurance and reputation.

  • Call references.

  • Don't be taken in by a hard sell.

  • Reputable contractors don't order extra materials. If someone is trying to sell you "extra stock" from a job in the neighborhood at an alarmingly low price, be skeptical.

  • If you wonder if the person is legitimate or reputable, say "No." Go with your instincts.

  • Never purchase or sign anything before you thoroughly check the person out. You can do this by calling the licensing authority (if applicable in your state), the person's insurance company, references, a local trade organization, such as NARI, and the Better Business Bureau.
Source: National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

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