What tasks should be on my spring to-do list?

Make your home interior and exterior feel "in-bloom" by conquering these spring cleaning tasks.
When old-man winter finally leaves and gives way to the coming of spring, you should turn your attention to some important home maintenance tasks.

Exterior, Basement, & Foundation

Caulk the gaps around doors and windows

Clean gutters and downspouts Check the roof for needed repairs Inspect the basement for moisture and rotten wood Call a chimney sweep
  • Why: You notice a sour smell around your chimney or see significant creosote buildup.
  • When: Spring
  • Who can help: Though you can inspect the cap and masonry of your own chimney if you're brave enough to get on top of your roof, we advise you to contact a professional chimney sweep.
  • Advice: What should I consider when choosing a contractor?
Check siding for evidence of decay, splitting, cracking, or insect damage Pressure wash your home Check for cracks in the masonry Lubricate all of your keyholes Check all window and door screens Check your foundation, walls, and concrete floors Remove and store storm windows and doors
  • Why: Storm windows and doors help keep in heated air during harsh winter conditions. Once spring comes around, it's time to put the storm windows and doors away.
  • When: Spring
  • Who can help: Though you probably could do the job yourself with a stepladder and a partner, call a window professional if you find the job is too hard to complete.
  • Advice: How do I choose a window & door contractor?
Check your driveway for cracksInterior & Appliance

Service the heating and A/C system

Consider buying a programmable thermostat Clean your carpets and upholstery Test your attic or roof fans Replace filters in the heating and A/C system Drain and perform maintenance on your hot water heater
  • Why: It prolongs the life of the hot water heater if you remove minerals left behind in the tank. Clogged drain valves slow down the efficiency of the hot water heater, costing you more money in the long run.
  • When: Spring, Fall
  • Who can help: Not everyone is comfortable with draining hot water in this manner due to the possibility of getting scalded and burned. Consult with a professional plumber who can advise you on the best method to drain your hot water heater.
  • Advice: How do I hire the right plumber? | How does a typical home plumbing system work?
Backyard & Landscape

Have your lawnmower serviced before you use it

  • Why: Your lawnmower has been out of commission (or hibernation, if you will) for several months. You'll need to make sure the oil is changed, the blade is sharpened, the spark plug is firing, and the fuel and air filters are clean when the grass starts to green.
  • When: Spring
  • Who can help: If you don't want to fool with the hassle of tuning up your mower, contact local lawn service professionals who can get your mower ready for the grass-cutting season.
  • Advice: How do I maintain my lawn tools?
Check your irrigation system for leaky valves, exposed lines, and improperly-working sprinkler heads Apply a pre-emergent to your lawn if you worry about weeds
  • Why: Weeds can quickly overtake your lawn if you don't take action at the right time. In the same manner that you'd put crabgrass pre-emergent down in the winter time to stop the growth at the beginning of the spring, try to get a feel as to when weeds begin to sprout in your climate area. Count backwards three weeks from that time period and plan to apply a pre-emergent for weeds then.
  • When: Spring
  • Who can help: If you've missed the time frame for applying a pre-emergent, contact your local lawn professionals to help you eliminate unsightly weeds.
  • Advice: How do I hire the right lawn care company?
Reseal your deck if needed
  • Why: Not resealing and/or staining your deck every year causes discoloration, dirtiness, roughness, and the likelihood of splintering.
  • When: Spring
  • Who can help: Find a local deck professional that can clean and reseal your deck for several hundred dollars, or buy the materials you need at your local home center.
  • Advice: How do I find a good deck pro?
Cut back vegetation and overgrown bushes Check and service your swimming pool Need a summer lawn care plan? Contact a pro

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