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  • Atlanta Storm Clean Up Guide

    Atlanta has been hit by a series of storms over the last few days, and parts of the city are under a tornado watch. We've seen power outages, hail, flooding, fallen trees and downed wires. According to the National Weather Service, a tornado watch is in effect for 22 counties, including Fulton County. Additional areas are feeling related storm weather.

  • Top ten Georgia plants for the landscape

    Native plants grow more easily, provide food and shelter for many native creatures and help the environment....

  • Choosing the right fence for your home

    When considering a fence installation, many people immediately think of containment or privacy concerns, but there are multiple reasons a fence could enhance your property (and sometimes neighborly relationships). Good fencing can add beauty to a garden, provide security for small children and pets, set boundary markers, and provide privacy.

  • Protect your Property from Tree Damage

    With the many benefits trees add to your property, it's crucial that homeowners consider their tree's health. Pruning is one way to take care of your trees. Pruning removes parts of the plant that are no longer useful.

  • How yard drainage can save your property

    Heavy rain and storms can make a mess of yards, particularly if your property is at a low...

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