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  • How To Set Up a Clean Mud Room

    Creating a mudroom in your house will save space, help declutter and protect the rest of your home from mud, grime and pollen. On top of that, it keeps heavy foot traffic out of the nicer areas of your house. Here's how to set a up a mudroom.

  • How much should I expect to pay for a masonry fireplace?

    Looking to install a stunning masonry fireplace in your home? Review our helpful pricing guide for more details.

  • Stone Fireplace Options and Costs

    Today, having your own, customized stone fireplace has never been more achievable, and affordable. Total cost of materials and installation ranges between $2,000-$5000 to a higher end $10,000 and up, depending on a wide array of factors. Read more...

  • Winterizing Your Garage

    Leaving your garage unprotected from the winter elements is like strapping the Abominable Snowman to your car's roof rack. ItÂ’s a huge draw on that which accounts for over half of your home's energy costs.

  • Tips for Getting Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

    Here is an easy guide for ensuring your kitchen is crowd-ready.

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