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Win the Lottery But Don’t Let It Change You (Just Your House)

Image of GreenhouseMany lottery winners buy a bigger house or make significant home improvements. Read more about how your home can benefit if you win big!

* While I went about my business the other day, a woman named Bonnie, who has been a foster parent and daycare provider for 34 years, bought a lottery ticket at a gas station in my 12-square-mile city.  That night, the evening before her 72th birthday, her ticket was chosen.  She won the lottery–$300,000.  Yet again , I found myself daydreaming about winning the lottery, and what I would do.  Pay bills.  Save for college for my daughters.  And, of course, “I wouldn’t let it change me.”  Don’t we all say that?  (I’m thinking mega-millions here.)  I’d let it change my house, however.  For me, I’d green it up more.  Solar panels.  Cistern.  Fruit orchard (including that muscadine arbor I want).  Sustainably-harvested wood floors.  Recycled glass countertops.  No-VOC paints throughout (please let me be able to find Tuscan yellow without VOCs!).  Recycled furnishings.  Organic bed and window coverings.  Recycled denim insulation.  Ceiling fans in all the rooms (now that I’m in love with them).  Pervious pavement in the driveway (this can help you save money on your stormwater bill, by the way).  And how about a greenhouse and funky designer chicken coop? (See the very cool egg-shaped coop here.)  Yes, that would be nice, too.

Image of Lottery Winner MansionImage of UK Lottery Winner Castle Owner* Many lottery winners use the cash to dash–to a bigger, better house. Angela Kelly (pictured), the United Kingdom’s biggest lottery winner, went from postal worker to posh castle owner.  Phin Suy, New York’s biggest winner, went from Central Park landscaper to lavish mansion owner (picture from the New York Daily News).

Image of Rachel Harris* Some lotteries are  much more modest, such as affordable housing lotteries that enable people who couldn’t afford to buy a home to do so at a manageable price,  such as Rachel Harris, pictured in the middle holding the welcome mat.  I suppose that’s what it’s all about, don’t you?  Considering your home your castle, no matter what, and treating it like that.

* The New York State lottery’s very catchy tag line still rings in my head, even after 21 years of living in metro-Atlanta: “Ya’ gotta’ be in it to win it.”  That makes me think twice about the Kudzu Make Your Home a 10 Instant Win Game, going on right now.  You can win $25-$100 a day, plus $1000 at the end of the summer.  May not seem like much, compared with $300,000 and mega-millions.  But, you know what?  Free money is free money.  And, for starters,  I coImage of Welcome Matuld use a new welcome mat. Couldn’t you?  (I like these “eco-mats,” made from coconut husks, natural rubber sap, and recycled tires.)

Let service companies you find on Kudzu help you put your lottery winnings to good use, and keep your “castle” in royal shape no matter what.  You always win when you love where you live.


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